Tests Confirm Suspicions In AL Day Care Sicknesses

The tests results are in and, just as investigators suspected, the Staphylococcus aureus that was found in the sick kids matches the Staph found in the food the kids were served at a Montgomery, Alabama day care.

The Alabama Department of Public Health Bureau of Clinical Laboratories confirmed the findings in an official press release Wednesday.

Back in June, a parent whose child attended one of Sunnyside Child Care Center’s day cares notified health officials about a possible bout of food poisoning. That led to an investigation which quickly turned up nearly 90 children who had apparently become ill after attending 1 of 2 day cares. Investigators quickly turned their attention to the kitchen which prepared meals for both centers.

A few days later health officials announced that they had found Staph bacteria in several food samples and were awaiting test results for other pathogens. (Those tests ultimately came back negative.)

The good news here is that the staff at the day cares have reportedly been very cooperative with investigators and open to guidance on proper kitchen and food handling education to minimize the chances of such an outbreak happening in the future.


Photo Credit: tookapic

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