Environments Bibs Recalled

Environments bibs are off the market because the plastic backing can dislodge, posing a suffocation hazard.

Environments bibs are recalled due to a potential suffocation risk.

Excelligence Learning, which does business as Discount School Supply, has announced a recall of its Environments brand of waterproof bibs. The bibs, which were made in China, are being pulled from the market due to a potential for separation of the plastic backing.

In the press release about the recall, the company disclosed that it had logged 12 reports, covering at least 23 packages of the bibs. In each case, the plastic came free but there are no known cases of any child being injured.

The primary danger here, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, is suffocation. If you have any of these on hand you should stop using them immediately.

The company says that the bibs came in 2 styles:

  • The “cover-up” style has cap sleeves and smock-back snap closures.
  • The pocket style has a wide pocket and snaps at the neckline.

There are 2 production codes in play here:

  • 900822
  • 900823

The SKU for your bib should be printed on a label, as the photo supplied by the company shows.

Discount School Supplies estimates that around 10,400 packages of these bibs may have been sold. They were on the market from January 2008 through October 2016. The recalled bibs retailed for around $50 for the pocket style and around $70 for the smock style.

The company says that it is getting in touch with all known customers. People who bought these should return them for a refund.

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