Target Recalls Easter Toys – “Serious” Intestinal Danger

Late last week Target announced that it was recalling hundreds of thousands of Easter-themed and dinosaur-themed toys over fears that the toys, which are designed to expand dramatically when exposed to moisture, could pose a risk of a life-threatening intestinal blockage if a child were to swallow one.

These toys were made in China and sold for about $1 each. They were in Target stores nationwide in February and March. Target estimates that around 560,000 of the toys made it into consumers’ shopping bags.

The primary fear with these toys is that children will swallow them. If that happens, the toys will absorb moisture from the child’s digestive tract, swell, and then create a blockage that will have to be removed surgically. Medical experts warn that such blockages may not show up on an x-ray.

If you think you have one of these, or one showed up in your child’s Easter basket, you should immediately confiscate the toy. Return it to your nearest Target store and you’ll be given a refund of your purchase price.

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