Lynn Rowe Arrested, Loses License

Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services has issued an Emergency Order and Motion for Protective Order immediately revoking the childcare license of Lynn Rowe of Omaha, Nebraska.

According to paperwork filed requesting the Orders, Lynn Rowe was (apparently secretly) videotaped “excessively slapping, punching, and shaking a child numerous times”. The child, whose name I am withholding, was also punched in the head. When the toddler told Rowe that Rowe was hurting her, Rowe screamed, “Good,” and added, “I hope that hurts you.”

The victim’s family has made the video public; it has since been widely shared on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. (Other media have published the child’s name and those of her parents. I will not be.)

The apparent abuse took place on March 28, 2017 but the video of the incident was not viewed by Children’s Services Licensing Program Manager Diane Kvasnicka until 2 weeks later. An arrest warrant was issued April 12, 2017. Local media are reporting that Rowe was arrested in Iowa. She has since been transported back to Nebraska.

Rowe operated a home-based day care and was licensed as a Family Child Care Home Care II facility. As Lynn’s Learning Center, she was allowed to care for as many as 12 children. So far, no other families have come forward with similar accusations of abuse.

Should she desire to resume a career in childcare Rowe will have to reapply for a license. Under Nebraska law, she is guaranteed at least one re-licensing hearing.

There has been no word on whether the person who shot the video, but did not intervene, will be prosecuted. She has not revealed what prompted her to begin recording.

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