Lana Haines Of Cherished Memories Loses Home Day Care License

Kansas pulls license for day care provider.

The Emergency Order of Suspension for Lana Haines’ Cherished Memories home day care.

A licensed day care home in Hutchinson is under an Emergency Order of Suspension after a complaint that led to a still-active investigation involving multiple alleged violations. Kansas Department of Health and Environment announced the suspension to the public last Thursday.

Officials say that early last week they received a complaint against Lana Haines and her business, Cherished Memories Day Care, in part, because Haines has an active MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus,¬†infection and a long history of what investigators characterize as “chronic weeping” sores on both of her legs.

Officials will not say who made the complaint but, reportedly, working on her feet worsened Haines’ condition. At one point Haines was hospitalized for weeks.

MRSA is one of the so-called “superbug” infections that can be very difficult to treat. And it does, say officials, pose a risk to the children in Haines’ care. Even her own physician calls the daycare environment “unsafe” for kids.

Other Allegations Against Cherished Memories Day Care

There were two official Findings issued in this case. One determined that, in addition to the MRSA infection, “provider was unable to stay awake while caring for the children.” That allegation was deemed “substantiated” and the investigation into that complaint was closed.

However,  investigators also reported finding other violations. Those allegations include:

  • A child was allowed to play in a wading pool, unsupervised.
  • A child was allowed to play outdoors, unsupervised.
  • A child was allowed to play in an unfenced area, unsupervised.

Haines was also cited for not having a supervision plan available for parents and inspectors, as required.

Lana Haines has 30 days to request a review of her case.


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