Possible Health Info Breach In Arizona

On Friday the Arizona Department of Health Services said that it was notifying around 2500 of that state’s residents of a possible issue with their confidential health information.

In the Department’s news release about the possible breach, officials blamed a missing package sent through the United States Postal Service for the alert but stressed that, to date, there is no evidence that anyone’s info has been used for nefarious purposes. In fact, until the package is located, there isn’t even any reason to believe that it has fallen into unauthorized hands.

The missing mail included information on people in Arizona’s Newborn Screening Program. The state uses a third-party billing service and mails paperwork back-and-forth. A packet mailed on April 20, 2017 never made it from the Department to the billing company.

The lost package contains sensitive info, including the Department says, some or all of the following:

  • Names
  • Dates of birth
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Insurance information
  • Social security numbers

The information covers mothers and newborns.

At this time, the package is simply considered missing. There is no evidence that it was delivered to an incorrect address. It is assumed that the package is misplaced inside the USPS system and, hopefully, will be found, unopened, soon.

Nevertheless, it is important, says the Department, for people affected to keep an eye out for fraud attempts.

If you are affected by this possible breach, you should have already been notified by mail. But if you would like more information you can call ADHS at 1-800-548-8381.


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