Ami Moore Loses Childcare License – Claims Of Filth, More

Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services announced yesterday that the agency had filed for an Emergency Order and Motion for Protective Order against home day care provider Ami Moore.

Moore, who lives in Bellevue, was the target of an unannounced but annual inspection. In the inspection specialist’s affidavit, which is available online, the inspector claims that the squalor in the home and on the property posed and “immediate risk of harm to children” and “an emergency situation which requires immediate action”.

  • The front porch was so cluttered with trash there was “little room” to navigate.
  • The kitchen sink was “piled with dishes approximately a foot high” with dirty dishes, which also covered the kitchen table and countertops.
  • There were multiple containers of prescription medications sitting out on the counters.
  • “Large piles” of clothing cluttered all 3 bedrooms.
  • So much debris filled the stairway to the tornado shelter it was characterized as “unsafe” if children needed to seek shelter.
  • Cleaning supplies, lighter fluid and other hazards sat in the open.

The inspector testified that she called in the local police department, who photographed the filth and cited Ami Moore and Kenneth Moore, her husband, for child neglect.

The parents of the 11 children under Moore’s care were called and told to immediately pick up their children. (Moore’s own 4 children were allowed to remain with her.)

Based on the inspector’s statement, the Department granted an immediate suspension of Ami Moore’s child care license yesterday and forbade her to care for any child other than her own until she successfully passes an inspection.

Moore can request a hearing on the matter; it is unclear at this time whether she intends to do that.

Editor’s Note: Neither Bellevue Police Department nor Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services provided photos of the alleged squalor found in Moore’s residence. The photo above is included for illustrative purposes only; it is not intended to accurately represent Moore’s property.


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