Little Giraffe Recalls Kids’ Robes – Flammability

Little Giraffe Recalls Children’s Robes Due to Violation of Federal Flammability Standard

Little Giraffe Recalls Robes Over Violation of Federal Flammability Rules

Little Giraffe has announced a recall of its Luxe Satin robes for children after it was discovered that that garments failed to meet US flammability standards for children’s clothing. And that failure, say child safety advocates, puts kids who wear the robes at risk for burn injuries.

In a statement posted at the website the company seems to take a swipe at parents who “missed the sewn in label” and “the big yellow hang tag” that both state that the robes were not intended to be worn as sleepwear. Nevertheless, the company says it is recalling all of the estimated 2000 or so robes that made it into consumers’ hands.

The recalled robes have been available for about 5 years, says the company and there have been no reports of any baby being injured while wearing one. It is not known what, if anything, prompted the Consumer Product Safety Comission, or CPSC, to test the robes for flammability standards compliance.

If you think your child or grandchild might have one of these, you can confirm your suspicions by looking for this lot number:

  • 21706-DFR001

The lot number is printed on a label sewn into a side seam.

If you do find one of the recalled robes you should return it to Little Giraffe, who will send you a prepaid shipping label with which to do so. (Use this link.)  You will be given a full refund of your purchase price and a promo code for 20% off your next purchase from the company.

All the recalled robes were manufactured in China. New, they cost around $100 and were available at specialty stores nationwide from November 2012 to March 2017.

It is illegal in the US to knowingly sell or re-sell any recalled item over which the Consumer Product Safety Commission has regulatory jurisdiction.


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